Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Lillian Grace: Thirty-Two Months

Thirty-Two Months
"I am the donkey, soft and gray, I carried his mother from far away."
~ Christmas In The Manager By Nola Buck

Weight:   26 lbs

Height:   36”

Wearing: 2T,  Size 6 Shoe

Motor Milestones:  Extendo Lillian.  That is her new term and she uses it before attempting some sort of stunt.  Most of the time it is reserved for the pool or bathtub and it is followed by her going under water and zooming to the edge.  It can also be used before she does a big jump off of something.  Most of the time if I hear Extendo Lillian, I have to brace my nerves for what might follow.  She has also been enjoying modified yoga stretches in Tumbling Class.  So she likes to do "Her Kicks" to music, which is a version of Downward Dog, kicking her legs up in the air one at the time, whilst twisting, singing and wiggling around. 

Language Milestones: Has anyone ever told you that you are "Getting on their last nervous?"  That is what Lillian told Matt the other day, he was humming in the car.  At school she told the teacher that "She would go potty in 3 hours, when she was older."  Getting older has been a theme for Lilly this past month, now that her cousin is on the way, things are being put aside for the baby and lots of things can be done when she is older, or when Matt and I are older.  She also likes to tell people to take care of things, for example she tells Aunnie "Take care of the baby in your belly."  As of now she is prepared to have the baby sleep in her bed, teach the baby how to talk, walk, eat, swim, go potty and take a bath.  Every once in awhile she also talks about giving the baby her old toothbrush and teaching it how to brush its teeth, although she claims that her Dora toothbrush is better, so she will "Probably, have to go to the store and buy one for the baby, probably."  She has also had a great month of learning and asking lots of questions about Christmas, ranging from how Santa gets into the house to finding presents for Baby Jesus and why Mary wore blue.  She always keeps us on our toes.

·        Got really involved in cookie making and was really interested in all the different measurements.
·         Got lots of time in the pool with Grandma Knoll and enjoy lots of joking around with Grandpa Knoll when they visited.
·         Likes all the snow and cold weather, she has had a few chances to go out and play with Daddy.
·         Loves picking out presents for people, she put a lot of thought into what each person would like.  It is amazing how observant she is on what people like.  For example she knows exactly what type of drink Papa gets at a restaurant and she will even order it for him unprompted.  "He will have Iced Tea, please."

Favorites: Picking Christmas presents and handing them out to people, playing bakery, doing kicks, jumping off the edge of the pool - turning around underwater and swimming back to the wall, singing Christmas songs - Ho,Ho,Ho Who Wouldn't Know.

 Video Clips Of The Month: