Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Preparing For Christmas ...

With exams done, the Knoll House can now focus on preparing for Christmas, this week included lots of fun for all.

First on the list was to put together all kinds of surprises.  It was a regular Santa's workshop in the office.  I just don't understand why things can't just come put together ... aka, the plastic Car with 25 pieces, that could easily have been assembled pre-shipping.  Then there was the play refrigerator/freezer that was not going to match with our living room color scheme, so not only did I have to assemble it, but also paint the trim pieces.  And finally there was the play house, which again, came in ghastly colors that needed to be re-painted to coordinate with the porch decor.  Whew!  Elf-magic on overdrive.
Allen Wrench, Cam Locks and Decals, Oh, My!

We love our European Play Furniture, but come on mustard yellow and ketchup red,
do not go with our color scheme.
After the construction magic was finished we spent plenty of time in the kitchen baking cookies for the neighbors and Holiday gatherings.  Surprisingly, we lost power due to an ice storm followed by heavy snow, so the first day of cookie baking was by generator power, but the cookies turned out great and the power was restored not too long after.
Day 1: Oven Cookies.  Peanut Butter, Gingerbread, Snicker Doodle,
Chocolate Chip & Chocolate Chip Mint

Day 2: Stove Top Cookies. Chocolate No-Bakes & Rice Krispy Wreaths