Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A Cold Winter's Night

It has been so COLD this past week, in fact Grand Valley had to delay the start of the semester by 2 days, due to the 20" inches of Snow and -30 Wind Chill.  So, we made the best of staying indoors....

Lilly Asked Santa To Bring Her A "Kitty" Board For Christmas, He Delivered.  She Loves To Play It And Most Importantly Sing Into the Microphone.

We Had A Delightful Playdate With The Miller Family.  Shandi And Lilly Have Fun Together, Even Though They Are Still Navigating The Ins and Outs Of Sharing.  I Love How They Can Be "Mad" At Each Other One Minute Then Playing In Harmony The Next.  Here The Two Gals Are Pretending They Are Looking Out The Playhouse Window For Customers, To Come To The Bakery.

Lillian Has Always Been A Great Napper, But Lately She Has Had A Hard Time Settling Down Right-Away.  After Some Trial And Error, The Solution, Allow Her To Read Books To Herself In Bed.  It Is Delightful To Hear Her Read And It Is Amazing How Well She Knows Most Of Her Books, If You Didn't Know It, You Would Think She Was Reading Them.  After A Few Books, She Is Sound Asleep And Down For At Least 2-3 Hours.