Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Lillian Grace: Thirty-Three Months

Thirty-Three Months
"It's magic outside Bingo.  Everything is covered in snow!"
~Ladybug Girl and the Big Snow By Jacky Davis

Weight:   26 lbs

Height:   37”

Wearing: 2T,  Size 6 Shoe

Motor Milestones:  Hopping is a big deal for Lilly this month.  She loves to image things must be hopped over or around.  Lines in the sidewalk, tiles in the kitchen and off of steps are her favorite hopping activities.  But we have even witnessed her practicing hop-scotch type hopping as she sings her ABCs or counts.  And unfortunately, I have even witnessed a few hops off the bed.  Yikes, what are we in for Cirque du Solei.

Language Milestones: We used to track our entertainment budget and made it a task to alternate to different restaurants, stores, etc.. based on the coupons in the entertainment book.  Now, however, we have our own tracking system and her name is Lillian Grace.  She has quickly caught on to the world of logos and she is a girl after my own heart.  She can identify from meters away stores that we frequent, restaurants that we frequent and even some locals that we have seen on TV or talked about.  There is Cracker Barrel her favorite place to eat with Papa, Cabella's - grandpa's store, Target, Meijer, Home Depot - Daddy's store, Moe's where she loves to yell WELCOME, and even Bigbby.  Bigbby was the one that made me simile the most, recently, as we drove past she asked me if I wanted a coffee.   Granted I stop there about once a month, but rarely with her in the car, so the little sponge that she is must have recognized the logo from the cup.  Outings have started to become a game and we try to stump here with logos she is not as familiar with.   We might have an Ad Agent on our hands.

·        Took a trip with Daddy's to MN to visit family.  They were an amazing duo in the car and made the drive with ease.
·         Started to feed Aunnie's baby a bottle through Aunnie's belly button after a talk about how babies eat ... she kinda got the concept.
·         Helped us throw a birthday party for Papa and Aunnie.
·         Loves to be in the snow even when it is almost if not taller than her, Matt needs to getting her skiing sooner or later.  

Favorites: Sleeping in her "almost" big girl toddler bed, making her own kitty at Build-A-Bear, dancing to the songs on her kittyboard, cake and FROSTING and hopping and twirling.

 Video Clips Of The Month: