Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Lillian Grace: Thirty-Four Months

Thirty-Four Months
"It's magic outside Bingo.  Everything is covered in snow!"
~Ladybug Girl and the Big Snow By Jacky Davis

Weight:   26 lbs

Height:   37”

Wearing: 2T,  Size 6 Shoe

Motor Milestones:  I didn't really notice any milestones this month, mostly because Lilly is such a Tumble Bug.  Half the time I just look away because I do not like the risk she is willing to take.  I do have to say she is very good about following the rules we have set in regards to not jumping on the couch, bed, etc.. And not climbing on the chairs in dining room, kitchen, etc..  But when it is playtime on her play things, look out.  Most recently she has been into making a tri-pod on her head and then giggles hysterically when she tumbles.

Language Milestones: We have a S-P-E-L-L-I-N-G Fan.  Amongst other things NAP is no longer able to be spelled out in order to avoid using the word and there are many times she entertains herself by call out the letters of words in books and on the car radio.  WE are not have the comprehensive level yet, unless we are spelling NAP, COOKIE and CANDY!  But who would want to comprehend those first!

·        Took a trip to the Gardens to see the Butterflies and the Snowy Children's Garden.
·         Collects things on a daily basis to give to Aunnie's Baby.
·         Ate Hibachi Style for the first time
·         Enjoys visiting every single public restroom (A BIG thanks to Daniel Tiger and his episode on Bathrooms Being Everywhere! :( ) every time we are out.  She even critiques them ... Too Dark, Too Noisy, Too Stinky.

Favorites: "Alone Time With Books", (LEAVE ME ALONE .. I'm Reading, Very Important Things), Katy Perry's Eye of the Tiger Song, Helping to Pick Fast Pass Plus Activities for our Disney Trip, Shamrock Shakes!

 Video Clips Of The Month: