Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Meet Lillian - Design Guru

A few months ago, Lilly got to come along to an event on campus with me. Afterwards, we made a trip to my office and Lillian made it clear that it was boring and I needed some 'corations.  So, with her help I was finally able to currate a few things on my walls and bookcases.
Everything in our new building is pretty monotone, so what better
than some monotone gray patterned fabric.
And of course Lilly made sure I had some pictures of her and some
pictures of Lola and Duck Dynasty.
Wise Old Owls ... The perfect symbol of education.
My window box complete with family photos and fake plants.
Since I only go to my office 2 times a week, there was no
way I was going to keep anything alive.

Lilly's favorite wall ... a whale that says "keep swimming", a silver sparkle moose,
some fun quotes and one open spot for something new next time we are out.
And her favorite part a sassy piece of fabric on my tack board and more
pictures of her.  'Cause you can NEVER have too much Lilly.