Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Lillian Grace: 35 Months

Thirty-Five Months
"Far below the waves a little fish called Stanley lived with his shoal. They were the brightest, sparkliest fish in the whole of the deep, dark sea."
~Bright Stanley By Matt Buckingham

Weight:   26 lbs

Height:   37”

Wearing: 2T,  Size 6 Shoe

Motor Milestones: We are back into swimming lessons and Lillian is so happy about that.  She is so very content in the water and basically has no fear.  Which is a good and bad thing.  Lilly's usual swim teacher is not teaching this session so she is testing the waters with Ms. Amy.  And when I say test the waters, I really mean that.  At the last lesson she was seeing she how far she could dive under and how long she could tread water... Ugggh, she will probably be the reason that Klonopin never leaves the top prescribe medications list.

Language Milestones: Questions, questions, questions.  My oh, my.  The questions keep coming and they are starting to get pretty thought provoking.  I am now finally starting to understand why it would be so easy to default to "Because, I said so."  We try our hardest to give a real answer, but I am realizing that I don't know much about anything a 2 year old wants to know about.  Thank goodness for Google.  Lilly has also started to understand humor that she hears in movies and laughs at some pretty funny scenes, but she still wants a running commentary about why things are happening, and how the characters feels, and why someone would be so rude, etc..

·        Started Spring Swim Lessons
·         Spent most of Spring Break with GiGi and Papa
·         Helped me with lots of projects to decorate her room
·         Finally got to jump in puddles outside

Favorites: Basking in the sunshine (finally), playing on the porch and not turning into a Popsicle, carrying around her baby in her front pack, watching Disney Princess Movies, especially Frozen, Rapunzel, Little Mermaid and Aladdin.

 Video Clips Of The Month: