Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Transition Time

Time may change me
But you can't trace time

Over the long, cold Winter Lilly and I have been working on making changes to her room.  The biggest change was moving her out of the crib and into her transition bed.  We held off on moving Lilly out of her crib for so long, since she was such a good sleeper and she knew she was not allowed to climb out.  But alas, we thought we should do it, mostly so Super Nanny wouldn't rush in a tell us we were stunting her growth.  Currently, we have her crib set-up as a toddler bed and as soon as I get done with her new headboard we will move her into her Full Bed.  I was sure the first several weeks in the toddler bed were going to be horrible, but she proved me wrong.  She doesn't get out of her bed at all and even in the morning or when she needs something she calls "Momma, Please Open The Door."  Sometimes, her requests get pretty comical if they are not answered promptly.  On occasion she will go through an entire list of people ... "Momma, Daddy, GiGi, Aunnie.... SOMEBODY .. Open The Door, Please."  We can't help but laugh.

To go along with her "new" bed Lilly and I made new decorations for her room.  It makes me sad that it is less "nursery" and more "big girl," but it was very special that we had the time to work on the projects together.  And thankfully, we aren't at the stage of teen idols or homework spaces yet.

Lilly and I cut out some butterflies from art cards that I have had for years. 
We then mounted them on foam core and added them to a gallery frame. 
She likes to pretend they are really butterflies, like the ones at the Museum.
The "Money Tree" is a special gift from her Great Grandpa Allar
It looks so nice on the wall and it is still functional as a bank.

We added a little glitz to her alphabet growth chart with some sparkly drawer
knobs and a glitter butterfly was a perfect addition to her little white frame.
She has always had the Sunshine sign and the Sunshine music box,
now they have a perfect home next to each other.  I am happy
it is still one of her favorite songs, it was always one of my
favorites that my mom used to sing to me.

I couldn't think of getting rid of her rocking chair yet, both her and I
LOVE it way too much.  It is the perfect place to read and relax
in fact, that will probably be my favorite place to read for years to come.
And we didn't replace any of her nursery furniture, I just jazzed them up with glass
knobs.  Lilly couldn't wait to display her glass turtle on her table that can also
double as a place to store M&Ms.  And the art above the table,
is just a collection of fun things that we found and painted to match her color
scheme, the most labor intensive part was the heart canvas, which is made of lots
and lots of punched butterflies.  That was a fun activity.