Tuesday, May 13, 2014

There Is No Better View, Than From The Top Of The Trees

It is no surprise to those who spend time with Lillian, that she loves to play ... Up High.  She loves to go down the tallest slides, climb the tallest climbing walls, run across shakey bridges and swing extra high.  We often visit some great playgrounds in and around the city, but we thought Lilly would have even more fun with her own Playground in the backyard.  We enlisted the help of lots of family members to help get the giant playset assembled over the weekend.  Lilly is so happy with the result of all the hard work.

All Hands On Deck ... That Is The Step The Family Is Working
On In This Shot.

End Of Day One!  Lilly Could Hardly Contain Her Excitement.
Success!  The First Of Many Days Of Fun.