Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Toddler Tuesday At The Children's Museum

It has been such a precious experience to see Shandi and Lilly grow up together.  They were born 6 weeks apart and were instant friends.  However, as with all relationships, they have had their bumps along the way.  Spats about sharing toys, disappointment over taking turns, upset about non-matching toys, etc..  But recently they have turned a new developmental corner and they are now in a "mini-adult" phase.  We recently went to the Children's Museum and I noticed , they have their own conversations that don't involve Teresa and I.  They automatically take turns and sharing she much easier now.  I am so excited to see how their friendship continues to develop over the years.

Making Joyful Noise.

As If One Lillian Grace Was Not Enough!

I Love The Expressions In This Picture.  Lilly Looks Like She
Is On A Joy Ride.  While Shandi Looks A Little Scared In
The Backseat.  This Might Be Foreshadowing.

Doing A Little Shopping, Buying Every Box Of Cheez-Its She Could Find.