Monday, June 16, 2014

Welcome Baby Emma Elizabeth

It was an extra special Friday the 13th, nothing bad about that day for us.  In fact it was just the opposite a very exciting and joyful day, as Lillian go to meet her cousin Emma Elizabeth for the very first time.  She was instantly smitten with her and being the Ms. Independent that she is, she was ready for full on Babysitting Duty, including holding her, calming her and dressing her up.  We of course had to start with baby-steps, but I can already see these two are going to have lots of fun growing up together.

Lilly's Quote "She's So Tute."

Holding Hands

Lilly brought the fashions, first of many dress-up opportunities.

Realizing that she is going to live at Aunnie and Uncle Jake's House
And We can see her again, soon.