Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The 4th of July ... MN Style

It was a whirlwind trip to Minnesota over the 4th of July Holiday, filled with family, food and fun.  This trip Matt and I didn't do a great job remembering to take pictures, so we missed some of the highlights including; swimming with Cousin Boden, visiting with Great Grandma, Great Grandpa and Randy, watching fireworks, chasing rabbits through the yard, visiting Grandpa's store and getting to pick out doughnuts, and reading and playing Sophia.  We packed in even more fun with a trip to the zoo and children's museum.  Needless to say we had a sleepy girl on the drive home.

Family Selfie at the Minnesota Zoo ... Lillian Loves To
Show Lot's Of Love In These Pictures

Checking Out The Prairie Dogs, Lillian Was
Trying To Decide If They Would Make a Good Pet.
It Seems Like A Trip To The Dakotas Is In Our Future.

This Girl Loves The Carousel.  It Was A Very Tough Decision
On What Animal To Ride.  They Were All Amazing.
She Decided On The Silverback Gorilla.
The Zoo Had A Lot Of Play Areas, Including A
Splash Pad.  In This Play Area, Lilly Was
Practicing Balancing.  Her Tumble Teacher Would
Be Proud.

In Between All The Fun Activities, Lilly Helped With
A Few Home Improvements.

Playing & Learning, Learning & Playing At The
Children's Museum.  Wish We Lived Closer,
Worth A Yearly Membership, For Sure. 

First Trip To The Rainforest Café In The Mall
Of America.  Lilly Loved The Animal Commotion.