Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Lillian Grace: 40 Months

Forty Months
"Eyes so bright and laughter fair, he buys a pink bow for her hair.  He loves her more than words can say, his princess, born this happy day.
~Always Daddy's Princess By Karen Kingsbury

Weight:   29.5 lbs

Height:   38”

Wearing: 3T,  Size 7 Shoe

Motor Milestones: Although not a motor milestone, per se, Lilly helped me organize her closet and the pantry to make things more accessible to her.  She now has her "own" hanging bar with all her school clothes organized.  In the morning, she loves to go into the closet and choose her own matching outfit.  In the kitchen she helped me make room for her to reach her water bottles, pouches and cheese.  And in the pantry she now has her own shelf of cubbies filled with Lilly sized options.  She is thriving with this new independence and the disagreements we used to face in the mornings are long gone.

Language Milestones: Our end of summer goal was to spell her whole name out loud, a task she has accomplished.  Writing it on paper is another story, but with todays technology, who knows, maybe she will never need to. :)  She has been doing a great job filling letters in on her name and common words and acts very proud when she finds the missing letter... "Silly, Mama, you forgot the I." 

·        Visited the Jackson County Fair with GiGi & Papa
·        Danced In The Sand At A Lazy Blue Tunas Concert
·        Spent A Day In Grand Haven
·         Received Paint From The Pink Fairy 

Favorites: Painting with water colors, hoping on one foot, dancing to princess songs, puzzles, and building houses with Legos.

 Video Clips Of The Month: