Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Lillian Grace: 41 Months

Forty-One Months
"With A Whoosh And A Swoosh, She Found Out It Gave Pumpkins A Face With A Boo!
~Pippa The Pumpkin Fairy By Time Bugbird

Weight:   30 lbs

Height:   38”

Wearing: 3T,  Size 7 Shoe

Motor Milestones: Getting back into swimming lessons has been such a great Tuesday activity.  Lilly is such a water baby and is so at home in the water.  Mr. Nate has been doing a great job helping Lilly streamline herself and stop wiggling.  Maybe it is the additional strengthening of her muscles, from swimming, but she has really picked up her Trike Riding and can ride down to the Peterson's House and back.

Language Milestones: Little Miss Storyteller, has had some extra funny stories this month.  She has claimed Cousin Emma as her own and told GiGi to Back-Up, Emma was her baby.  She also told me one morning, that she had a party out in the backyard while Matt and I were sleeping.  She had invited a Nice Bear, Bunnies, An Aardvark, Turkey, and Bats.  They danced to music and played in her playhouse.. Sounds fun right.  Let's hope those parties don't turn real, when she is 16.

·        Started Swimming Lessons at Goldfish
·        Visited Great Wolf Lodge with GiGi & Papa
·        Spent The Last Beautiful Days of Summer In The Sun

Favorites: Swimming with Mr. Nate, Playing the Ukulele, Scissoring and Riding Her Trike.

 Video Clips Of The Month: