Tuesday, October 7, 2014

A (Fake) Sick Day

Tuesday is a Mamma and Lilly day, this past Tuesday it was Lilly, Emma & Mamma day.  Emma had a sick day, or at least she faked sick so she could hang out with us.  Lilly loved taking care of her and was pretty confidant I didn't need to help at all.  Of course, there were the few times she requested help, like anytime she got bored of the fact that Emma was not talking or crawling or doing something entertaining.  Oh, well it is a start!

The Morning Routine Started With The
Arts.  A Ukulele Concert, Followed By

Then Snack Time, Followed By Giggles.
Emma Finds Lilly To Be Hilarious.

A Little Pre-Nap Snuggles, Which Turned
Into More Giggles.

Learning The Letter Of The Day...