Friday, January 2, 2015

Lillian Grace: 44 Months

Forty-Four Months
"Big, Small.  Short, Tall.  Left, Right.  Front, Back.  Short, Small!  Big, Tall! Pals All!
~Big, small!  Pals, all! By Disney Enterprises

Weight:   30 lbs

Height:   38”

Wearing: 4T,  Size 7 Shoe

Motor Milestones: Lilly was so into Christmas this season.  She was in awe of the living nativity and she had some really great questions to ask about the story and what was going on.  When Grandma and Grandpa Knoll where in town they decorated her "own" tree in her bedroom, which she loved to rearrange, look at and dance by.  She sang three songs at her school Christmas program and was very sure of herself, even throwing in some extra dance moves to add some spice.  She is still loving Swimming and Gymnastics and is getting better and better everyday, while keeping her teachers laughing.

Language Milestones: There are a lot of things to talk about at forty- four months; in the car, Lilly likes to point out nice and rude drivers.  And she is sure to let me know if there are red, yellow or green lights.  She has become a very big helper at the store and is crazy accurate with brand images and labels.  This is super helpful when I hear her instructing Matt what things we buy and don't buy.  I have also loved the chance to hear her talk with her friends at school and Shandi, Ava and Emma.  She is very thoughtful about what she is expressing and I am surprised at how well she can describer her feelings.  Of course we still have the frustrated shrieks now and then, but don't we all. 

·        Celebrated Christmas Early With Grandma & Grandpa Knoll
·        Celebrated Emma's First Christmas
·        Sang In Her First Christmas Pageant
·        Helped Put Up All The Decorations And Take Them Down ... She Loves To Decorate

Favorites: A quote for this month .."My favorite things are to play and God and I like to drink PediaSure drink boxes and I like to sit in my favorite chair, and I like to snuggle my blankets and I brush my teeth morning and night and I like to rinse my mouth and I like to play, play, play."

 Video Clips Of The Month: