Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Preschool Superstar - Lillian Grace Knoll

This month Lillian is the Superstar in her classroom.  This is a fun way that highlights each "friend" for a few weeks and gives the other kiddos a chance to look at pictures and learn more about the Superstar.

Lillian was asked to fill out a form with some questions all about her.  I typed these exactly as she told me ... which was rarely an answer but a long drawn out series of sentences leading up to the answer.  Does that fit in with Common Core?

Favorite Color: Pink

Favorite Toy: My favorite toy is actually playing princesses.

Favorite Food: Well, I love Cracker Barrel and when I go with GiGi and Papa I get pancakes and I eat them all.  Yum, Yum, Yum.

What Do You Like Best At Preschool: I help my friends when they get hurt.  I help Ms. Shanan.
Do You Have Brothers or Sisters: No, but I have Emma.  She is a baby.  She is my cousin.
Do You Have Any Pets: I have Mrs. Whiskers.  She's a kitty.  I'm a big sister to her.

And here are her pictures they are going to hang on the wall..

Lillian Grace: Age Three

My Mama, Daddy & Me.

I Love To Dance.  Sometimes I Dance With Music
Sometimes I Can Dance Without Music.  It Is Fun.

I Was A Birthday Princess At Disney World.  I Got To Have
Breakfast And Dance With Jake And Doc McStuffins And Handy
Manny, I don't Really Like Him, But He Was There.  I Don't
Know Who Told Him To Be There.

Princess Aurora, That Is Sleeping Beauty, They Are The
Same Girl.  Princess Aurora, Liked My Dress.  We Matched
Sometime Emma And I Match.

Oh, Emma.

Mama Had Her Wedding Costume For Me To Wear
It Was Way Too Big.

Mr. Nate Is My Favorite At Swim Lessons.