Tuesday, January 27, 2015

We Have The Creeps In This House

Scope creep (also called requirement creep and feature creep) in project management refers to uncontrolled changes or continuous growth in a project’s scope.  We specialize in Scope Creep in this house.  Our most recent project started with the idea to connect an unused closet to Lilly's current closet to make a fun secret hiding place.  In the process of connecting the two closets and closing the door off it would create a bed wall, which is non-existent in the master.  Easy right!

Here is where it started, just a little door to
connect the two closets.
The door got a littler bigger and parent friendly.
Still within the original scope, closing off the
other closet door and picking a paint scheme.
The non-existent bed wall, with a closet door right in the way.
Let the scope creep begin:  might as well add sconces on
both sides of the bed to go over the nightstands, and
we will need switches that are hidden behind the nightstands,
and probably should add outlets behind both nightstands
and one in the closet hidden room.
Which leads us to waiting for drywall compound to dry
so I can paint and then we can install baseboard patch
and finish the electrical.