Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Lillian Grace: 46 Months

Forty-Six Months
"Stanley had the best back float at the pool!"
~Flat Stanley Goes Camping By Jeff Brown

Weight:   30 lbs

Height:   38”

Wearing: 4T,  Size 7 Shoe

Motor Milestones: It has barely been above freezing the whole month and Lilly has been so stir crazy.  Gymnastics and swimming have helped get some of her energy out and at her preschool they have gymnastic, yoga and music to get the energy out.  But it would make Lilly so happy if we would play out in the snow everyday.  I would love to oblige her, but I just can't handle the freezing temperatures.  Luckily on the one rare day it was around freezing Lilly was able to play on our hill with Ava and Natalie and sled, eat snow and throw snowballs to her hearts content.  We are so very lucky to have "big" girl neighbors that still like to play.
Language Milestones: Every night Lilly listens to a book on CD in repeat mode while she falls asleep, it is always quite a decision on what she will listen too.  I fondly remember listening to book on cassette when I was little and I am so happy she likes to hear and imagine stories too.  Lately, we have noticed how many of the words she is soaking up, there are a few of the books that she knows word for word without even a prompt and then there are the strange occasions when we using a sentence from a story in the conversation we are having.  She for sure has her momma's memory!

·        Had A Super Fun Playdate At The Library With Shandi
·        Tried To Celebrate Aunnie's Birthday Many Times
·        Spent President's Day With GiGi & Emma
·        Babysat Emma And Taught Her Lots Of New Things

Favorites: Our little miss sweet tooth was extra excited this year at Valentine's Day, the candy, the stickers, the cookies ... all her favorite things. 

 Video Clips Of The Month: