Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Lillian Grace: 47 Months


Forty-Seven Months
"Stanley had the best back float at the pool!"
~Flat Stanley Goes Camping By Jeff Brown

Weight:   32 lbs

Height:   38.5”

Wearing: 4T,  Size 7.5 Shoe

Motor Milestones: Finally the cold weather has broke, we now are hopping between freezing and above freezing.  Most of the snow is gone and for Lilly that means the perfect time to jump in puddles until she is soaking wet and ride her trike around.  It has be delightful to have her outside without having to wear 2o layers and to play, play, play.
Language Milestones: Did you know every word has a rhyme, well that is according to Lilly, who is determined to find a rhyming word for everything.  Most of the time she ends up cracking herself up with the silliness of her rhyming word.  Oh, to have 3-year old humor again.  The same holds true for the hilarity of singing the alphabet and interjecting names or other words in place of letters. 

·        Had A Super Fun Playdate At Catch Air with Shandi
·        Spent The Weekend With GiGi &; Papa &; Namma
·        Played, Played, Played with Kellianna At Her New House
·        Helped Mama Do Spring Cleaning

Favorites: Riding Her Trike with Ava in the driveway and cul-du-sac, doing gymnastics tricks with the big girls in the 4 year old class, going for walks and splashing in the puddles.

 Video Clips Of The Month: