Wednesday, April 22, 2015

A Spring Project Weekend

This past weekend was the perfect time to pick a project or two and get things done.  May is going to be almost, non-existent with birthday parties, conferences, trips to the beach and Disney, and graduations.  So, we figured we might as well use April to our fullest advantage, especially now that my school year is over.

Lilly Decided It Was The Perfect
Weekend To Put Out Her Fairy Garden
And Invite The Fairies Back For The
Spring & Summer.

She Also Helped With Some Gardening
And Yard Work.
I Tackled The Crazy "Sun Room"
That Is Off The Master Bedroom
It Is A Strange Space Created When
The Family Room Addition Was Added.
It Was In Need Of Some Love And Repair
& Waterproofing.

First The Old Windows Had To Come Out
And New Ones Went In,
The Siding Had To Be Repainted And Everything
Got Fresh Caulk.

A Few Mirrors To Bounce Around The Light,
A Rug, Some Stools To Sit On And
Now Our Little Sun Porch In Charming Again.
Matt Got Stuck Hanging Drywall In The Extra
Storage Space In The Closet, Of
Course, I Suggested It Be Finished Off, Not
Realizing What A Tight Space It Is To Work In.