Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter 2015

What a delightful Easter Celebration we had.  Namma was even able to be released from the hospital, so that she could join us.  It is very funny to see how Emma and Lilly interact with each other and nothing more fun then seeing them like each other's gifts better.  AHH, you can never win as the Easter Bunny.

Emma Was Very Surprised To See Her Easter Basket..

Lilly Jumped In To Show Her What To Do...
Using Her Princess Point, Lillian Directed Jared To
The "Eggs Up High."

Nothing Like Getting "Little Things, That Are Sooo Cute"
For Easter.

Sometimes The Easter Bunny Uses Little Boxes
To Put Non-Candy Treats In.
We Celebrated Uncle Mark's Birthday A Few Days Early,
Nothing To Judge Here, Just A Three Year Old
On The Dining Room Table, In Front Of Fire.

Ready To "Teamwork" The Candles.