Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Lillian Grace: 49 Months


Forty-Nine Months
"Brown Bear, Brown Bear what do you see?  I see a redbird looking at me..."
~Brown Bear By Bill Martin Jr.

Weight:   32 lbs

Height:   40”

Wearing: 4/5,  Size 7.5 Shoe

Motor Milestones: Lily was so extremely good with the drive to Fla and the time at Disney.  Since she gets so excited and full of energies, I was a tad concerned she would veto the stroller.  Lilly, however did a great job and used her stroller and her chariot and got her energies out when it was perfectly acceptable.  On the ride home her question was not, "does anyone have to go potty?"  it was "does anyone need to get their energies out?, I do!"  Of course a 20 minute stop at a rest stop with her playing in the grass was a perfect solution.
Language Milestones: Songs, oh my goodness, does Lilly like to know the words of all songs now.  And the meaning of the song, why the artist wrote the song, etc..  I pull up Google many times a day to give her answers.  My main questions usually revolve around the fact that children's songs don't have to make sense and song on the radio shouldn't make sense.

·        Spent a whole week with GiGi and Papa while Mama was at SapphireNow
·        Participated in a fun Mother's Day lunch.
·        Stayed with GiGi and Papa and rode to Disney with them.
·        Visited Magic Kingdom and Epcot and went to Taylor's High School Graduation.

Favorites: Riding in the car looking at things and talking about them, being a back seat driver, any ride that goes fast, Disney Princesses, Disney desserts and spending time in the car with Emma.

 Video Clips Of The Month: