Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Lilly's Secret Room

Checking the house projects off the list, after a month of traveling, it has been a week of buckling down and getting things done.  Lillian is super excited that one of the projects checked off the list is her secret room.  All the "mama-work" is done, now all that is left is for her to move in her doll furniture, couch and various things that she "needs."

Here is where it all started .. a little hole
between the two closets.

Refinished hardwood floors,
trimmed out door, freshly painted walls,
dots, stripes and special curtains were added.

Nothing better than the dresser in the closet
so that Lilly's room has more room to twirl,
dance and play.

Morning inspiration for Lilly to reflect upon
as she chooses her daily outfits.

Looking out into the main closet from
Lilly's secret room.

Lilly had so many requests when it came to
painting the secret room.  Three shades of
pink, poka-dots, shiny walls.  She seems pretty
happy with her design choices.