Tuesday, July 7, 2015

4th of July Fun

It was a wonderful long 4th of July weekend filled with work on the house, family time, fireworks, dinners and friends.  These are some of my favorite times of the Summer.

Dressed To Celebrate On A Hot, Muggy Day.

Matt and Lilly Enjoying the Michigan Chair
along the street in East GR.

It's All About The Bows!

Lilly Adores Lilliana.  She is very good and
being a good role model.

Happy Girls at a Pre-Fireworks dinner.

Nothing like playing with dollar store
glo-sticks.  Love them so much more than

Lilly enjoying the view of the fireworks.
The party continued on the 5th with family fun in the backyard,
Emma played in the sandbox for the first time, Lilly
helped her enjoy the sand.