Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Back-To-School Carnival

It is so hard to believe that the Summer is almost over, and it is even harder to believe that Lilly will be starting her 4 year old preschool and her last year at our beloved school.  To celebrate back-to-school they hosted a really fun carnival for the kids.  Lilly was over the moon excited to see her friends and to play all the games.

Last Year of Preschool and First Year of taking a
picture in front of this sign.  And so it goes.

Lilly and her friend Bronson playing the
duck game.  This was the favorite game at
the carnival.

We stopped into cousin Emma's room to
check out her Star of the Classroom
photo display.

Lilly won a lot of fun prizes, one of her
favorites was a horn that sounds like a
duck call.

Hopped up on sugar and super wound up
with excitement from the carnival.