Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Busted at Dave and Busters

While Lilly and I were at swimming, we thought Matt was at work, but we found out he was at a work bachelor party for Matt's firmware engineer Brian.  Lilly just could not miss an opportunity for a party.  You know those are her favorite things to attend!  So, we joined the party after swim lessons and had a great time.

Lilly loves to sit or stand on the "Target Balls"
so of course she had to get on these too.
In punishment I made them look into the
sun for the picture.

Some Kung Fu Panda action.  There are no
kids ride on games, like at CC, but
Lilly had a great time with these types of
interactive games.

Matt was pretty proud of his little game girl.
She even got enough tokens to get a LED
disco ball light for her room.