Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Lillian Grace: 51 Months


Fifty-One Months
"Brown Bear, Brown Bear what do you see?  I see a redbird looking at me..."
~Brown Bear By Bill Martin Jr.

Weight:   33 lbs

Height:   40.5”

Wearing: 4/5,  Size 7.5 Shoe

Motor Milestones: We have been in the pool for almost the entire month of July, the weather has been wonderful and Lillian has really enjoyed working on her backstroke.  When not in the pool she has had fun with friends at fireworks, fun with Gigi and Papa at the zoo and fun with Grandma and Grandpa UP North.  It has been a whirlwind of fun Summer activities.
Language Milestones: Lillian hit the 300 hundred mark in her quest to read 1000 books before Kindergarten.  We are on a slow and steady pace, but the jump in 100 books did push her past the requirements for the Summer Reading program, so Lilly was thrilled to get some new paints, colored pencils, coupons and puzzle.  She has also found a new liking for Magazines, not ones that people would read like Ranger Rick, but fun ones like Oriental Trading company, Fisher Price, etc.. She likes to browse them before she goes to bed, as she is listening to her book on tape.  It is pretty cute to see her flip the pages next to her reading light.
·        Visited the EGR 4th of July celebration with Kellianna and family.
·        Fed the mama and baby giraffe at the zoo with GiGi and Papa.
·        Visited a few Up North favorites, The Mackinaw area, with Grandma and Grandpa.
·        Had Emma over for a playdate and stored her in the playhouse.

Favorites: Swimming the backstroke, eating Nutella, tending to her Fairy Garden, using scissors,  decorating for parties and playing with friends.

 Video Clips Of The Month: