Sunday, August 30, 2015

Nothing Like A Country Fair Day

This year's fair experience was at the Hudsonville Fair.  GiGi and Papa got to take Lilly to the fun, while I had to help administrate the TERP10 Exam.  This was smaller that the usual JCF, but it had charm... nothing like a Cat Show, Goat Agility, Goats dressed up like their "person" and bunny agility to make a fair fun!

Before fair cousin love at Cracker Barrel.

Lilly teaching Emma how to play checkers.
One of these fair days we are going to come
home with a rabbit, I just know it.

Lilly was in love with the Lego exhibits,
I have a feeling we might be entering one
in the future.

Lilly and Billy the cutest miniature draft
horses you have ever seen.