Tuesday, September 8, 2015

A Very Special Trip

We made a very special trip to Idaho ... it was Lillian's first airplane ride, her first time to Washington State, first time to Idaho and first time seeing a Moose.

It looks like we have so much stuff... but I'm proud to
claim one purse/backpack per person and 1
carry on roller for the whole family.

Lilly might have a change in career aspiration
from Scientist to Pilot.

I'll will probably be Baby Wearing her until she is 10.
Seriously, the best way to dodge and weave
through MSP.

Journaling what it is like to fly for the first time.
I miss those days of flying peacefully across multiple seats.

We are a family that LOVES puzzles.
Enjoying a gondola ride to the top of Silver Mountain.

Lilly loved the view and looking for Moose and Bear.

After the first 5 minutes she got bored and turned into
All dressed up and excited to go.  Probably the best attempt
at Ava hair I have mastered.

That's us the Navy and Teal family... we
need a family crest in Navy and Teal.

This never happens anymore, thanks to the 3 hour time
difference, I got to hold my Babe and eat with one hand.
A skill I had almost forgotten.  I loved every second of it.

Yup, the Knoll family in Navy again!
More Navy.
Look at those CowGirl Boots.

Fancy Hair ... Thank you Ava for inspiration.

Lillian, pretty much always makes friends.. This is Molly.

Matt always leaves time for some simple mechanic work.

Lilly loved the Bizon "Bison"

Love the rows of three seats, just perfect for us!