Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Lillian Grace: 4.5 Years Old

Fifty-Three Months
"Have You Seen My Cat?  This Is NOT My Cat."
~Eric Carle

Weight:   34 lbs

Height:   40.5”

Wearing: 4/5,  Size 8 Shoe

Motor Milestones:
Soaking up the last bit of beautiful weather has been our plan and we have tried to stay outside as much as possible.  Which of course means that she has discovered how to climb our little crab apple trees, jump from a bench to the top of the slide, hang upside down off the climber and many other tricks that send me into a heart attack... but the good news is she is still mostly not broken. :)  She loves tumbling and stretching and has a great time at swim lessons.  It is good that so far she has taken an interest in sports that can be done in all types of weather.  Many days she finds entertainment is trying to get Emma to copy her "moves" and Emma does a pretty close impression.  I see many hours of choreographed dances in their future.  Auntie Katie will have to get her advanced tickets!  Outside, of her "activities" after reading the AAP guide, there are really no motor miles stones at this age boring!   One thing about our lefty that drives us crazy is helping her perfect her knife and fork skills, it is extremely backwards for me to try and teach her, thank goodness we have Aunnie.

Language Milestones:
After a friend was Maria from Sound of Music for Halloween, Lilly has taken a liking to musical songs ... so we have had many a bath time listening and singing to The Sound of Music, Mary Poppins and Bed Knobs and Broomsticks.  Later this month we are going to see our neighbor as Mary in the Musical.  Lilly is very excited.  It is still commonly overheard that she loves to use the word "Actually." I think she picked that up from me, but, ACTUALLY, it could have been Matt.  At the dentist she surprised the Dentist with how many times she used "adult" words, and thankfully they were not "bad" adult words.  She is in the mode of telling everyone that she wants to be a archaeologist and to study bones, not human bones though.  So, I'm not sure how accurate her job title will be.  School has been a bit trying for Lilly, she is having a hard time just sitting and waiting for others to get done with their "work."  Hopefully, this will be a good learning chance, so that the habit is better managed before "real" school.  I do wish that at such a young age, there was a play when you are done rule.. she would thrive with a little learning and a little play environment.  Darn those tests!  With that being said, she is doing a great job with her sight words an phonics, thank goodness she understands the sounds, coming from a sight reader.  She might be my professional editor when she is 6. 

·        Went to GVSU and visited the new Hall of Science, practicing being a Scientist.
·        Visited Great Wolf Lodge while Mama was at a Teaching Conference.
·        Halloween in the Hallow and at the neighborhood Senior Home.
·        Beautiful Fall weather into November and lots of time to play outside.

Little Legos (specifically Lego Friends sets), looking for bones in the woods, taking care of the carnival won Goldfish, playing the game of Life, reading "I can read" books, playing sight word games, cutting pictures out of magazines, helping to walk Levi the neighbor dog.

 Video Clips Of The Month:

* Monthly updates are getting a little redundant, so I plant to do 6 month updates, to keep our readers on the edge of their seats.  There will still be weekly highlights. :)