Sunday, November 1, 2015

That Is Enough Halloween For This Year...

Lilly has Matt's love of Halloween and this year, she really got to enjoy it as we celebrated it three days in a row.  First the Harvest Party at school, followed by the Haunting of Heather Hills at the local retirement community and finally the actual day of Halloween around the Hollow.

Pre-K Class Photo.

Parade To The Classrooms.

Emma and Lilly Visiting Both Classroom

Craft Room at the Haunting of Heather Hills.

Attempting a Cousin Shot .. .Lilly Mermaid, with
sidekick Emma Fish.
Coloring at Heather Hills.

Talking about what face painting they
were going to get ... seashells for

Being Silly Together.

Carnival Games for the Little Ones.

Family Jack-O-Lanterns carved by Matt.

Ava and Lilly ready to brave the rain to
trick-or-treat the Hollow.
Lilly and I made a fancy owl,
I did the spray painting, she did the
tattoo and glitter.