Saturday, December 26, 2015

Christmas 2015

We had a bright, sunny and warm Christmas this year.  It was hard for Lilly to believe that Santa could still arrive without the snow, but that was quickly forgotten, when she woke up to a train circling the tree in her bedroom.  The rest of the day was filled with fun, laughter and extreme comic relief from Lillian and Emma.

Lilly helped prepare and make some presents this year,
first we worked on a baby bed for Emma's doll.

She them helped me make a cozy bed for the cradle.

Then she helped us tuck in the Bitty Baby, so it was nice
and snug, under her GiGi made quilt.
On Christmas Even, Lilly did a good job, helping us read
through the Advent Wreath, and she even remembered
most of the candle names.  Hopefully, next year
we can add some longer readings and songs.
Matching Pjs' for the cousins, as they snuggled with
GiGi and Papa.

Working towards a picture in front of the tree.

Lilly is getting closer to getting Emma to smile.

Somewhat of a success, this will go in the books,
so that in years to come, they can look at the
funny Christmas Eve photos, like we have of Erin and I.

Full things in the stockings, even messy confetti.

Lilly picked this gift out for Emma, all on her own.  It was
very special to Lilly and she wanted Emma to open it
first, right after stockings.

You can't really see Emma's face, but it is delight.  Lilly
knew that Emma would love her own box of Apple Bars.
If you are not familiar with this food product, it is like
baby crack.  Emma has even been known to steal
them from the friend sitting next to her at breakfast.

Emma gave Lilly lots of love as a thank you for the
Apple Bars.  Then she wanted to go eat them!

These two did a great job, helping each other open gifts.

They were both excited to see what Papa had gotten Lilly
from Cracker Barrel.

It could have ONLY been one thing!!!!!
Cracker Barrel Bread, Lilly's favorite.

Matt tested out his new headlamp, while playing Lilly's
into to music xylophone.

Diane and Uncle Mark, had great gifts for Lilly and even
a membership at the zoo, so Lilly can practice
being a scientist.  Which goes great with the subscription
to Ranger Rick Jr from GiGi and Papa.  I have a feeling
as soon as it is open for the season, we will be spending days
there with snacks and her magazine, learning more
about animals.

Finally, she found a gift from Santa.  She was trying to
guess what would be inside.

Naturally, it was a huge science kit, filled with a
lab coat, goggles, test tubes, a microscope and lots of
science projects kits to work on throughout the Winter.
Santa must have had a lot of Elfs working on STEM gifts
this year. :)