Sunday, February 21, 2016

Nothing Comes Close To The Golden Coast

We all went different places this week... I was in San Diego presenting at the SAP Academic Conference, Matt held down the fort in Grand Rapids, and Lilly spent the week in Concord.  So happy that we have facetime and the communications that we do, it makes the time apart easier to deal with.

While I was presenting about using ERPsim as an
SAP Young Thinkers Event...

Lilly's was going to work at the hardware with Papa.

As you can see it was a busy day.

As I snuck away to bring back some shells from the beach...

Lilly went to Kindergarten and made fairy
Shrinky Dinks.

When we all got home, we had fun on the porch..

Painting shells and looking at them under the microscope..

Painting what the beach looked like..

Riding bikes..

And generally, enjoying the beautiful weather, that I
brought back from California.