Tuesday, April 19, 2016


It will come as no surprised, to those that have visited our play porch, or Lilly at school.  This girls loves to build with Legos.  Weather it is the Mega Block brand Barbie or Lego Friends, Lilly has fun building houses and Vet Clinics and then making the little people interact.  This is totally a toy I can get behind, it is pretty fun to play Legos, now that they are more than just ideas and planes.  Talk about fun interior decorating. :)

Loving Legos so much, she is going to have a Lego
Birthday Party at school.  Complete with Lego
Cupcake Toppers, Bags of Legos and Plates with
Legos on them.
Cupcakes with homemade Lego figures as
toppers.  A shout out to the Cascade Meijer
Bakery, that ALWAYS has the perfect
cupcakes in the bakery freezer.  Makes
my so happy, when I don't get in early to
order them.

In Lilly's mind, this is what a real life Lego "Friends" girl
would look like.  So with her new Lego Friends shirt
she was dressed and ready for her party.