Monday, May 2, 2016

Lillian Grace: 5 Years Old

Sixty Months
"Caroline Abbot is doing what she loves most - sailing on Lake Ontario with Papa- when her world turns upside down."
~American Girl Caroline Series, Kathleen Ernst

Weight:   39 lbs

Height:   43

Wearing: 4/5,  Size 9 Shoe

Motor Milestones: 
Lilly was interested in giving ballet a try.  I can't say we will be pre-enrolling in Julliard anytime soon.  However, she has had a wonderful time in class with her friend Kelliana and I have seen slight changes in the control of her motions.  We haven't decided if we will continue this Fall, so we will soak up her recital in May and enjoy how cute she looks with a ballet bun and all pink ballet wear.  We took a break from swimming and gymnastics for a bit, although Lilly still does tumble bugs during school.  She still loves to tumble, still loves to run, still loves to jump and is still in constant motion.  This summer we are going to finally master swinging without any help and attempt to be more cautious with our arms and feet and their proximity to other people. :)  Lilly is so looking forward to summer and can't wait to swim at the beach, run through the yard, roll down the hills and visit all her favorite parks. 

Language Milestones:
Reading on her own is becoming a more natural process for Lillian.  However, she still prefers to have us read to her.  And she would love if we would write everything for her too.  But with time, I think her confidence will grow and she will start to enjoy both.  Right now, we have been reading the American Girl Caroline series and it surprises me, how interested she remains, even without pictures on all the pages, I appreciate that vocabulary the use in the books and I love that Lilly asks a ton of questions about what things mean.  We are really close to finishing our 1000 books before kindergarten program and Lilly is starting to get really excited.  Lilly still has the strangest names for dolls or pretend people, we can't have a common Baby Lucy and Baby Claire.. no, no ... we get Baby Lucy and her sister Lucinia.  Let's be glad she has many years before she gets to name a "real baby."  Every song on the radio is her favorite song and she still loves her Disney songs and show tunes.

·        Found confidence in reading early reader books out loud.
·        Spent Spring Break helping to ready GiGi and Papa to move.
·        Enjoyed all the playtime outside during the mild Winter.
·        Celebrated many family birthdays and was happy to plan and decorate the theme.

Little Legos (specifically Lego Friends sets), looking for bones in the woods, cutting pictures out of magazines, helping to walk Levi the neighbor dog, preparing the fairy garden for spring, having parties at our house, crafting, having Emma over for play dates, and helping to make cookies.

 Video Clips Of The Month:

* Monthly updates are getting a little redundant, so I plant to do 6 month updates, to keep our readers on the edge of their seats.  There will still be weekly highlights. :)