Sunday, July 17, 2016

Quick ... Find My Scientist Gloves

You never know what projects might pop up around our house.  What started as a day to work on the siding, turned into a day to do a forensic investigation of the soffits.  Although,  I am not surprised in the least by our findings, it is always something we scratch ours heads at, when we find such oddities.

As a scientist, Lilly is always prepared with gloves,
you never know what you might find.

In this case it was an old nest of some animals and NO
insulation.  Not a surprise, the icicles we get can be used
as weapons.

Squirrel head anyone?

I can see why not may people eat squirrels look
at all those tiny bones to deal with.

Post clean out cache ... not a bad haul for a scientist.

Of course what was taken apart, must be put back
together.  And this time in a better way.  So spray foam it is.
My hosta plants, had to take one for the team, that foam is
not coming off the leaves. :(

And in the end, the sidetrack project is ready for the siding
project to start again.  All new PVC, Wood, Spray Foam
and soon: aluminum wrap.