Sunday, September 25, 2016

Get Into The Groove

We are getting into the groove with 5 day-a-week school.  Some days are better than others and some days, I think our school system is crazy to think that 5 year-olds can do full day kindergarten 5-days in a row.  But everyday we are learning and growing.

At school Lilly's room has been having lots of fun with
Pete the Car and that Darn Pigeon.

They have awesome Community Time, where they
mix the students up between the 3 classes, so
everyone gets to know everyone.

Lilly says some days she likes to play school, some
days she likes to work with play dough, other days it is doll
house or Legos.

As soon as school is over, it is out side for some play
time.... got to get those ants out her pants from
riding the bus.

He tricks are getting quite complex.  I did stop her
before she used the top of the swing set as a
balance beam... I not planning to spend
Fall with her in a cast.