Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Lillian Grace: First Day of Kindergarten


It is so hard to believe that this morning, Lilly jumped on the bus and headed to Kindergarten.  I feel like she should still be 4ish months old and taking her to her first day at Childtime.  But seeing her jump off the bus and run to me telling me how much fun she had, I was able to embrace the season of change.  I think the hardest thing for me, will be the quiet house on our usually Mommy and Lilly days.  I forgot how much time there is in a day, when it is not scheduled around a little one.

Annual Front Porch Picture 2016

First Day of School Breakfast
she was almost to excited to eat.

Waiting at the end of our driveway for
the bus, it was right on time, but
to Lilly it "took forever."

Since Matt is the only parent in this house
that "officially" rode the bus, he
was happy to show Lilly the ropes.

Big Bus #14.  Lillian looks so small in
her giant backpack next to the Big Bus.

Mrs. Wade posed some fun classroom
pictures.  Lilly playing on the "Hamburgers"

Mrs. Wade's class lunch table.
Making silly faces.  Lilly went with her
standard Pirate Face.

Lilly and Friends playing in her classroom.

Home after a long day. #1daysmarter
Lilly didn't know that we had a surprise
dinner for her... ICE CREAM CAKE.