Tuesday, September 13, 2016

We Made It Through The First "Almost" Full Week Of Kindergarten

We made it through the first "almost" full week of school.  I'm exhausted.  Lilly is energized.  I am thinking it should be Christmas vacation any day now, or even better Summer vacation, but that is just me.  Lilly has her bus habits down, her school folder under control, she has a new friend everyday and she even has her first library book from school.  It is a great change of pace for her.  Mrs. Wade posts a few pictures now and then, to give us a peak in the classroom, it is a fun feature to see what they are up-to.

There was a meet n greet for all the 1st and Kinders on the
playground, it was a fun event for parents and kids to meet.

This is my kind of Math work ...

Writer's Workshop time.

Emily is so trendy she is always giving the peace sign.
This time while her and Lilly played with the Calico Corner Treehouse.