Wednesday, September 28, 2016


There are few subject lines that scare me more, than the word Yikes.  The moment you read that first line, so many things run through your head.  But nothing could be even more frightening, then the second line saying there is lice in Kindergarten. Yes, welcome to week four, we now have lice to worry about.  Because just getting to school on time, making sure snacks are packed and not forgetting library is not enough in the first month.

So what did we do, well the next day I
demanded that Lilly wear her hair as tight
and as far away from contact as possible.
She claims she looked...

Then I caked on a combination of Lice
Away natural spray with tea tree and
another natural oils.  Varnished it
with my mom's secret weapon of
Suave Extra Hold Hairspray and crossed
my fingers.

Gave Lilly a pep talk that she did not look
silly, but rather trendy.  Explained in
full theatrical motions about how lice jump
from head to head and all the ways she should
stay away.

Finished with a two thumbs up of
understanding, then sent her off on the bus
while I washed my hair a dozen extra times,
just for good measure.