Friday, November 4, 2016

Lilllian Grace: 5.5 Years Old

Sixty-Five Months

"I love autumn.  Autumn is a fancy word for fall.  The air is so crisp.  The foliage is so colorful.  Foliage mean leaves on the trees.  Ooh la la!"
~Fancy Nancy Apples Galore, Jane O'Connor

Weight:   39 lbs

Height:   43 1/4"

Wearing: 4/5,  Size 10 Shoe

Motor Milestones: 
The summer and fall have flown by.  The weather has been wonderful and there have been so many changes.  GiGi and Papa have bought a condo in GR and Lillian has loved every minute of having big open spaces to practice her gymnastics skills.  She spent a little bit of the summer in a gymnastics class and swimming classes and she still really loves to do them, but really loves it even more, when she is really good at it.  She mastered the swing and that has made my back, so happy.  Now in Kindergarten recess is probably her favorite time of the day, she loves nothing more than to run like the wind and pay on every thing the playground has to offer.  With starting such a big change with a 5-day a week school, we cut back on all the ballet, swimming, etc.. and that has seemed to be a good fit.  She is seeing an OT to help her with her shoulder/arm that has been difficult since her difficult birth and that has been a fun space to learn and stretch in.  With winter right around the corner, it will be fun to see if she still loves the snow and if she decides to take up any winter sports.

Language Milestones:
Lilly has turned into a regular post-girl.  She writes letters all day long.  She writes to Ava about play dates, to Anthony about their bus seating arrangements, to Emma (school friend) about playing and to Emma (cousin) about seeing her soon.  She is pretty confident about sound spelling and has many words memorized.  But I s-p-e-l-l-i-n-g so many words out loud now.  In fact, Lilly will request that we spell our answers to her.  I think that is a good thing, but it makes it incredibly hard to go slow and get all the letters correct.  I guess this is a good lesson for all of us.  Lilly puts herself into books and I remember doing that same thing, it is a delight to watch.  She has really been great about chapter books with very few pictures and asks great questions.  And we have been told that in school she is a "leaner" where she leans in so far to the teacher to listen to the story, so almost falls over.  She has started the leveled books and is half interested and half not.  Last night she read one about hair, it was not that entertaining, so I can understand why she didn't get all excited.  She still loves to sing songs from the radio and talk in Fancy Nancy words.

·        Helped GiGi and Papa move into their Condo.
·        Visited Baby Cousin Clain soon after he was born and The Knoll Family.
·        Spent a ton of time with Emma in the pool and playing at the Condo.
·        Spent time on the beach!  She is my beach baby.

Little Legos (specifically Lego Friends sets), looking for bones in the woods, cutting pictures out of magazines, helping to walk Levi the neighbor dog, having parties at our house, crafting, having Emma over for play dates, looking through her American Girl magazine, and helping to make cookies.

 Video Clips Of The Month: