Wednesday, November 23, 2016

She's Got SPIRIT..

This one is really excited for the Holiday Spirit this year, Christmas music is already playing in her room, she has her tree up and decorated, her village out and in action, her train running around the tree, and the nativity in different stages of the Christmas Story.  It is hard not to let her Holiday Spirit engulf the whole house.  :)  Extra holiday joy for everyone.

In the spirit to play in the snow, even when there was only
a dusting.

She even talked us in to buying our tree before
Thanksgiving, and didn't even mind, it took
20 min for them to figure out the SKU
for Christmas Trees, probably the first one they sold.

Getting the netting off and into some water.

There was some disappointment that the tree needed a night
to soak up water and bloom.  Talk about shrink wrapping,
these trees were like a pencil.  So, off to her room
to decorate she went.