Saturday, December 17, 2016

Gingerbread House PARTY

Lilly was able to invite a special guest to her room for a Gingerbread House Party.  Aunnie was the lucky guest that got to deal with gold dragees, potentially non-pasteurized royal icing and 17 loud Kinders.  Lilly was very excited to Aunnie all to herself that day.  I think some times Lilly really misses all the time she spent with Aunnie before Emma was born, they will have a special connection forever.

While Aunnie and Lilly worked hard at making their house,
Emma and I decorated her little people house with garland.

Lilly and her friend Emma, scooping up
Royal Icing.

When she heard that there could be candy

Project 64 Gingerbread House Art

Proud of their hard work.

The finished House and surrounding landscape.