Wednesday, January 18, 2017

A Roller Coaster of a Week

The week has been a doozy, two snow days, a sick day and many days of a cough and rest.  We are happy it ended on a happy and healthy note celebrating Papa's Birthday.

Our child who never "needs" sleep feel asleep in
Spanish class and was carried down to the
cot in the nurse's office.  A few minutes of napping
and we were there to whisk her away to her own bed.

Matt and Lilly both had the same virus and it
wore them

This little one spent a night in our bed
so that I could keep an eye on her temp.
Luckily, our wonderful neighbors
actually had a thermometer that
had working batteries and it came
in at 104. But cool compresses,
a luke warm bath and some Tylenol and
we were able to let it run its course without
having to make a trip to the Drs.

Snow Day, rest and fun.
Watching Cinderella, holding hands, in
a fort and GiGi and Papa's.

A happy healthy ending, eating chocolate cake and
celebrating Papa's birthday.