Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Beating the Winter Blues ... with a Beach Party

While GiGi and Papa were having fun in the sun in Florida, Lilly had fun in the fluorescent lights at church at a Beach Party.  There were lots of friends and lots of activities to fit in.  MY favorite the make your own sand pudding treat ... Lilly claimed it was all her favorite.

A full room of mini-golf... she wasn't
the best at the golf part, but her verse
memorization was "below" par ..
that means good in golf. :)

We got to decorate some flip-flops and
do the fun scratch off fish.

Lilly won a ring pop at the end of her
round, why do they still make those things,
it is a instant attraction to long hair... ugh.

Remembering a verse.

Somewhat worried, somewhat happy,
those finger traps are a mind trick too.

Ahhh, I love this pudding and the
crushed up white oreo cookies,
and the gummy fish....