Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Riding Lessons

Riding Lessons.  We have been exploring hobbies and activities.  It is such an opportunity to live in an area that offers so much.  Lilly has tried gymnastics, ballet, tap, swimming, skating and now ridding lessons.  A short 6-week introduction to riding, it about perfect for her.  She was engrossed with it the first lesson, we will see how the remainder of the weeks go.

One happy girl at the end of her lesson,
Peaches was the perfect combo of
spunky and calm.

Safety is a must for these first time riders
2 adults per child.
First lesson, no saddle or reigns,
working on balance and getting used to the

Listening to instructions on where to go in
the ring.

Working on stretches to help build those inner
thigh muscles.

A little chat break for this chatter box, as she
waits for her turn to trot.