Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Spring Break Weekend in Chicago

The first time I fell in love with American Girls, was in Borders Books in the Mall.  I would sit on the floor and look at the Kristen, Samantha, and Molly collection.  The pages were exceptionally smooth and it just felt so good to read them.  I remember receiving them one at a time for special occasions.  I was a little too old when the dolls came out to have one to play with, but I loved to look at the magazine and the vignettes that they would create.  It was such a treat to take Lilly to the store in Chicago and see her love for the books and dolls.  We have read all of my original Kirsten books and at Christmas "Santa" has specially saved her an original doll.  She has created what I had hoped, which was a love of the stories as much as a love for the doll.

GiGi and Papa helped make the trip possible.  We took the South Shore
Line to the city and the red line to the hotel.  All new experiences
for Lilly.

We had a fun dinner playing Old Maid and eating at the Rainforest Café.

We spent almost 8 hours at the AG store.  Starting with Brunch, which of
course they make ever so special, with doll chairs and plates and yummy
heart shaped pancakes.  Then it was off to browse, while we waited
for Kristen's turn in the spa.  The some more browsing and Lilly
wanted to get her ears pierced, I couldn't think of a better place for
a wonderful memory.  They do a great job by the way, more posh,
than the mall.  Finally, with many pictures of all the items she
wanted, we say down in the "town" area and decided what would
fit in to her budget.  A great learning experience.

A short trip to the Lego story was in order, as it is one of her favorite
toys.  And who doesn't love to see life size Lego Friends.

Chicago Dinner wouldn't be complete without some pizza.  We chose
Gino's East, as it was right by our hotel.  Lilly was so excited to write on the
wall.  But sad that someone had written all over the beautiful glass

On our way out, we made a quick stop a Dylan's, because my child and
husband have a giant sweet tooth.  Then to add to MY fun, we went to
the Macy's flower show, it is my third or fourth time visiting in either
NYC or Chicago and it is a Spring Spectacular.  I was glad Lilly got
to see it.  And I always love taking that step back in time, when you enter the
main gallery and taste what it would have been like to shop at Marshall
Fields back in the days of glamor.  A quick tunnel walk from
the luggage section and we were back on the train headed home
A quick weekend, but packed full of 5-year old magic.