Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Lillian Grace: Six Years Old

Seventy-Two Months
"Caroline Abbot is doing what she loves most - sailing on Lake Ontario with Papa- when her world turns upside down."
~American Girl Caroline Series, Kathleen Ernst

Weight:   40 lbs

Height:   45

Wearing: 6, Size 10  Shoe

Motor Milestones: 
This spring we gave horse back riding a try.  Lilly has loved it so far, except for the occasional bug buzzing around her.  She has learned far more than just proper technique, but also how to gain some great core strength.  With our luck, she will want to turn into a trick rider.  Summer will be starting soon and there will be lots of fun outside activities, we all can't wait, to see what motor activities she is interested in next.

Language Milestones:
Lillian has become a great reader, penmanship, not so much :)  We are looking forward to the Summer library program to start up and we already have a list of books that she is looking forward to reading.  It is a delight to have her read to us, and so fun to see her mind grow.

  • Spent a lot of fun days with her class, learning new things.
  • Enjoyed all the playtime outside during the mild Winter.
  • Took her first riding lesson.
  • Celebrated many family birthdays and was happy to plan & decorate the theme.

Little Legos (specifically Lego Friends sets), going to the American Girl Store, preparing the fairy garden for spring, having parties at our house, crafting, having Emma over for play dates, and helping to make cookies.

 Video Clips Of The Month: