Thursday, June 8, 2017

End of the Year Excitment

The end of the year has come fast and furious.  I am so thankful that I was able to take part in it.  I don't remember the end of the year seeming so busy, I am sure it was.  These Kinders went out with a bang.

Field Day had perfect weather, 16 stations of fun and, popsicles to end the
day.  Matt and I braved the relay station and were exhausted by the end of
the day, but we had a ton of fun with the kids.

The night after Field Day was the Collins Carnival.  While I worked the
beverage tent and had to make change for $1 drinks out of $50 and $20s
(I don't know what people were thinking)  Lilly, Emm, Matt and, Jake
had a great time with all you can play games, including the dunk tank,
where you could dunk Mr. Balingit, the Principal.
The Kinders had one last field trip to a great nature area and playground.
The learned about invasive species of flora and fauna, living and non-living
things.  How to properly take a nature walk among other things.  Glad
I wore my walking sandals, we spent 3 hours on the trails.
The end of the field trip ended with lunch, a class photo and lots of time
on a great playground.  Is there a better way to have a class party?